Every organisation was in some way impacted by the 2020 pandemic. Churches, however, faced a unique challenge as the once-a-week gathering together of members had been practiced for thousands of years. The disruption in Hillsong’s case affected over 150,000 worshipers around the world.

Having worked with Hillsong for over a decade, and across multiple continents, it was no surprise when we were asked to assist in transforming the weekly worship experience into an online-only church service. Working alongside key leadership we took a lead role in content creation and helped the Church reach more people collectively than ever before.

As church services begin to return to normal, we continue to help with content creation, including education pieces for ongoing compliance as well as the continuing online strategy. Hillsong values healthy relationships and this remains at the core of all our work together.

Lasting Relationships

A Meaningful Virtual Community

We have had the pleasure of working with Tiny Giants Co across our various global and broadcast platforms. The high quality work they produce is innovative and unique. They uphold the greatest professionalism while remaining affordable and supportive. Tiny Giants are reliable, honourable, quality driven and service oriented. We have loved working with them for many years and will continue to for many more to come.
Ben Field / TV Director of Programming at Hillsong Channel, Head of film & TV at Hillsong Church
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