Hillsong is a unique church with a global footprint. From the very beginning of our story, Hillsong has partnered with us on countless projects, conferences, products, programming and social justice campaigns around the world.

Over the years of working with Hillsong, we’ve developed close friendships with many different indivduals coming alongside the vision and tuning into the true essence of what was required. Working with Hillsong, like other not-for-profits, we focus our strategy and ideas to bring the maximum impact possible within a budget restricted environment. Using tested and proven workflows we streamline and formulate repeating patterns wherever suitable to keep costs to a minimum.

To date, we’ve produced well over 100 hours of scripted content plus hundreds more of unscripted content for Hillsong, along with many shorter form projects and events. We look forward to a continued relationship across the globe.

Lasting Relationships

Bringing Hope to Humanity

We have had the pleasure of working with Tiny Giants Co across our various global and broadcast platforms. The high quality work they produce is innovative and unique. They uphold the greatest professionalism while remaining affordable and supportive. Tiny Giants are reliable, honourable, quality driven and service oriented. We have loved working with them for many years and will continue to for many more to come.
Ben Field / TV Director of Programming at Hillsong Channel, Head of film & TV at Hillsong Church
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