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Alberti Capital is an investment fund focusing on sustainable and intelligent growth within the crypto space. As creatives, we always pull from multiple sources of inspiration, whether that be historical or influential figures, to design something that is unique and personal to your business. For Alberti Capital, we worked closely with the company’s founder to understand the very foundation of crypto and its origins to build a brand that speaks to the past, present, and future of their firm. Named after the founder of the cryptography, Leon Battista Alberti, we paid homage to his original design of the cryptograph by structuring the logotype on an aligned grid and animating a sequence to illustrate that. Along with the animation, we were able to pull attention to the company’s approach of taking complicated or incomprehensible ideas and making it clear and simple for their clients to access by creating a custom abstract icon suite. Being able to enter and understand this new era of currency is no small feat, so together our TGCo team and the brilliant minds at Alberti Capital combined our efforts to tell a story that crypto doesn’t have to be as complicated as commonly perceived. Crypto is a very new and progressive space to be in and we are so excited that we had the opportunity to be apart of this disruptive and exciting future.

Used Tiny Giants Co to build the marketing guidelines and my site on a very tight deadline (2 weeks). They were extremely professional, on time and delivered everything I required and more! You can't go wrong using TGCo and I highly recommend.
Saahil Relan / Managing Partner / Alberti Capital
Making Crypto Clear
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