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As an inspirational speaker and “power motivator”, Andreas Tissen’s mission is to empower individuals to push beyond what they think that they are capable of. As a natural leader and influential voice, we wanted to make sure that the content we captured was able to convey his dynamic in-person presence while still aligning with his personal brand. Andreas invited us to travel with him on one of his exclusive retreats to record behind the scenes content and cover the incredible experiences that were created in such a beautiful location. We also worked closely with him to translate his ideas into images and video content using a diverse mix of life coach studio production shoots with vlog-like video sequences. Now with a library of carefully curated and high-quality content, Andreas is able to further connect with his audience and continue to inspire those around him to go on to do exceptional things. We are really excited for what’s to come for Andreas and we look forward to continuing seeing the positive impact he has made on the people around him.

We love the energy of the events and the freedom with the brand Andreas has established. The content we created is both exciting and engaging.
Jan Wittmann / Creative Director / Tiny Giants Co
The Power Motivator
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