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Baxter 9 Years

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Tiny Giants Co has fostered a sustained collaboration with Baxter Healthcare across various global locations, including Chicago, Sydney, Zurich, Kuala Lumpur, and Hong Kong. Engaging with multiple Baxter Business Units has granted us the privilege to develop a multitude of projects such as pioneering training programs, marketing innovative products, agency services, and translations. Catering to an international business comes with distinct requirements, and our understanding has deepened with each collaboration. Our journey has enabled us to delve deeper into Baxter’s ethos. We’ve narrated stories of patients experiencing transformative health improvements and captured the essence of a company perpetually enhancing its training techniques for employee safety and workplace compliance. Collaborating with Baxter’s training experts, we’ve revolutionized their extensive training materials into interactive 3D animations. These animations prioritize vital safety data, ensuring uniform messaging across regions.

I have worked with Tiny Giants for several years and found the team to be extremely talented and responsive to my needs. The body of work that was generated, hit the mark and was unique to each brief, across various medias. The artistic and creative development process was both intuitive and well thought out, producing materials that exceeded expectation, with speed and precision. Tiny Giants are personable, professional and very easy to work with.
Baxter 9 Years
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