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Black Bird

A New Direction

Brand Identity, Logo Design

Black Bird is an emerging group based in Southern California offering transportation services and construction consulting, among others. They approached us to create a straightforward logo and brand identity that would allow them to consolidate all their various divisions under one clear visual. A big part of the inspiration for this brand was, of course, the namesake of a raven, but beyond that the owners were looking to take that archetype and elevate it into the mythical. They wanted a logo that communicated a much larger and more powerful creature than one traditionally would expect and so we incorporated that strength and the supernatural in a subtle yet striking way.

Tiny Giants took our initial input and delivered on it beyond expectation (well, not really – we expected the best, and got what we expected… the best). Our branding is now spot-on thanks to the team at Tiny Giants Co. They are not only talented in design, but they have an innate ability to listen to our needs and expand upon them during the entire process.
- armen mardirousi
/ chairman at black bird trucking inc. &
black bird construction consulting inc.
Black Bird Logotype
Black Bird Logomark
Black Bird Logo
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