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Branding Solutions

Brand Identity, Logo & Stationary Design, PPT Design

Bramble is a new decentralized marketplace for the buying and selling of digital health assets and services developed by Hashed Health. It utilizes the cutting-edge technology of blockchain and needed a branding treatment that represented it as such. We were approached by Blend, another creative agency, to collaborate on this project and we created something unique and vibrant for this new flexible platform.

We were inspired by multiple elements of this technology throughout the design process, namely bramble graphs (used for illustrating how blockchain works), infographics for representing complex data points, and the concept of digital fruit as a way to represent the value and quality that consumers can expect from this platform. This branding treatment utilizes bright colors to encourage user friendliness and to communicate an open, accessible marketplace.
- ryan burns / Tiny Giants Co
Bramble slideBramble slideBramble slide
Design grid
Minimal logo
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