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Don't Settle

Commercial & Promotional Videos
Editing & Post-Production

Century 21 had recently developed a successful ad campaign entitled ‘Don’t Settle’ for their American audience. We were approached to partner with Sweeney Advertising to re-develop the campaign for the Australian market. We re-wrote the script, developed storyboards, cast talent and then shot the production over a single day with a total of over 14 unique shots and settings. Despite the tight turnaround we delivered two different time cuts to the client and helped them meet their broadcast deadline comfortably.

The cast and crew pulled off the ambitious shoot day amazingly well with more setups than the house had rooms, lighting that required a generator truck, and working with both kids and pets…so many potential problems but great teamwork ensured we wrapped with smiles all round.
Jared Chapman / CEO / Tiny Giants Co
Don't Settle
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