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Cloudwize is a regional IT provider in the North East of New South Wales, Australia. They’ve built a dedicated and loyal client base through deep investment in personal relationships, maintaining their unique character, and making technology and working together fun. As they approached their 5th anniversary, they reached out to us asking for a refresh of their brand, an overhaul of their website, and a social media strategy that would better represent their quirky personality and quality of service, setting them up for an exciting, fun-filled future ahead.

I can’t express how much of a pleasure it is to work with such a professional team. We found our tribe – the Tiny Giants. No BS. Clearly loads of talent. And the ability to have fun even when you’re flat out. I am so grateful we get to work together with them, and that our little business gets to share in the joy and cleverness of what they do.
Jo Byrnes / Director / Cloudwize
Making Technology Fun
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