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coffee cube

Shaping Brand Character

Brand Identity, Web Design, Product Packaging Design

Based in Los Angeles, Coffee Cube is an innovative concept bringing the best of mobile service and sustainability to a world of premium coffee. Using revolutionary eco-friendly units run on green energy and recyclable water, each cube serves the environment while the business itself supports local communities by investing in education and health initiatives. We were approached by Coffee Cube to create for them a visual brand that is as innovative as they are, and we layered that innovation into each level of design.

A large part of what makes Coffee Cube who they are is their commitment and passion for altering perspectives. Their business focuses on improving the community around them and encouraging a positive outlook through charity work and support for local organizations. I tried to incorporate that idea into their branding by drawing inspiration from the “Necker Cube”, one of the oldest visual brain teasers meant to challenge perception. In addition to creating a brand, we developed for them a character that would be a fun and interesting way to share quotes on social media and engage with their audience.
- ryan burns / tiny giants co
Coffee Cube flyerCoffee Cube flyer
Old logo
New logo
Character design
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