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To bring something to life that doesn’t exist yet requires imagination, precise planning, and the evoking of your inner child to get creative. Fintune approached us with the prototype of their exciting new project and asked us for help in making their vision reality. And as a team of creative misfits with endless imagination, we knew this would be a great fit for us. Fintune created a digital piggy bank and an online, virtual app that teaches children about the important skill of money management and financial literacy. We know what you’re thinking, this would have come in handy for us as kids growing up, but at least we had the opportunity to be a part of some greater learning for younger generations. Using a mix of live action production and 2D animation, we were able to seamlessly capture their vision and bring it to life. By investing in our video production and animation services, the creative minds at Fintune were able to share their vision effectively with investors and potential partners to truly put their vision into action.

Creative decisions are very important, especially in the development phase of a brand. When it’s a new product that should appeal to kids as well as parents and potential investors, good storytelling is key. Working closely with the team at Fintune and efficient production made this project successful.
Jan Wittmann / Creative Director / Tiny Giants Co
Digital Piggy Bank
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