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Fox Management is an investment company based in Germany, that focuses primarily on residential estates. As an investment company, their work is largely all about seeing potential in opportunities. Meaning, through precisely managing a building project from beginning to end, Fox Management is ultimately investing into the future of residential estates – with a vision in mind. With a mission to improve the future, Fox Management came to Tiny Giants Co to get support for their real estate endeavors and chose to invest in our creative work to help their brand achieve their growth objectives. As part of our creative process, we worked closely with them to create and execute a promotional video that illustrates their values and passion. Building a strong relationship with the team at Fox Management truly helped us better execute this project and made sure they were getting exactly the creative solutions for the betterment of their mission.

As an investment company we are constantly focussing on the future and the potential of today. To clearly illustrate our values and passion to our clients we wanted to have a short promo created. Tiny Giants Co has invested into understanding our culture and approach as a company, the amazing result speaks for itself. Our promo is something we really enjoy presenting to our clients.
Marcel Wittmann / CEO / Fox Management
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