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The Italian American Chamber of Commerce West (IACCW), based in Los Angeles, is dedicated to highlighting the excellence of Italian products to American consumers. Established to promote Italian craftsmanship and food, the organization also offers unique events throughout the year to explore Italian heritage. Since 2018, our partnership with IACCW has centered on branding their experiences, endorsing their mission, and devising strategies to honor Italian ventures. Each year, IACCW hosts an awards gala recognizing pivotal Italian businesses and personalities upholding their rich legacy. Our collaboration has fostered a connection with sponsors, producing material to magnify this occasion. Subsequent to the gala, the evening’s essence is captured through photos and videos for a worldwide audience. Our approach for every event is to craft a distinctive identity, bolstering IACCW’s image as a pivotal entity for Italian firms aspiring to flourish in American markets. Despite global challenges, IACCW’s membership has surged in the last years. They’ve amassed a media collection for social media promotion and fundraising endeavors. Collaborating closely with Italian enterprises and IACCW has been a rewarding journey, allowing us to manifest their vision artistically.

Working with IAACW was a continuous pleasure for our entire team. We aimed to translate their community of high quality Italian cuisine and goods into visuals that were infused with the same level of passion. Each event required an individual branding approach to achieve a unique elegance that still related to the main brand and the message of their campaign.
Italian American Chamber of Commerce West
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