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Lesemeur is a luxury, handmade leather goods brand that invests a lot of care and detail into their production processes. With this in mind, we knew we needed to design and develop a website that matched the same kind of care and craftsmanship when they approached us. Working with their already established brand, we drew inspiration from their typography, styling and paid homage to the personal touches they embellish on every product. The combined efforts of our creative teams resulted in the creation of a sleek website, that is supported by high-end product shots and custom illustrated icons that spoke to the premium, hand crafted products of Lesemeur. Working with such an elevated and sophisticated brand we wanted to make sure our final web design supported and built upon that foundation to propel them further on their journey. 

More than feeling understood in my project, they believed in me...they are very professional but never miss a chance to have a good laugh. They are dreamers of big things and at the same time achieve a lot. Can't think of anyone better in that field with that quality of spirit.
Antony Girardet / Founder & Owner / Lesemeur
Leather & Craftsmanship
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