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Company Relaunch, Naming Process, Brand Identity, Collateral

Formerly known as Elegant Building Supplies, their team approached us looking for help in reinventing their brand. They are a premium provider of building materials and supplies and go the extra mile in assisting their customers to ensure that they get the highest quality, and the precise quantity that they need for any size job. Through years of experience this father-son team have curated some of the best fixtures, fittings, and materials available to the Australian market, so their new brand needed to match the premium level of what they are proud to offer their customers.

What really separated Mazu from their competitors was two things: the relationship they had with their clients, and the curated approach of their products, offering only the best of the best. We were able to work with this incredible family business to rename their company to something personal to them, honoring a family legacy, and create a brand that captures the incredible high quality of service they offer.
Ryan Burns / Tiny Giants Co
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