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Omo is a healthcare solutions business that is dedicated to empowering the independent physician by providing them with the same level of care and access that other medical professionals can only get through big corporate medical groups. Their name comes from the concept of ‘omotenashi’, which is a high level of service found in Japanese culture. Its main tenant is to be so service driven that before your guest even considers a request, you have already prepared a solution. To demonstrate that level of anticipatory care we created a brand that was bright, modern, and friendly while making the UI/UX accessible to all. We designed a system of icons all created from a single continuous line to reinforce the concept of seamless and limitless service alongside a colorful palette that also serves to separate and brand the sub categories of their service pillars. We built a website that allowed them to launch minimally but with room and structure to grow and pivot alongside their client’s needs in the future. It was such a great experience collaborating with their team and helping them create not only a new brand but the creative storytelling needed to launch it successfully to their existing customers.

Practice Management
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