Finest Loungewear for Every Man

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Richmen - The Robe Company is a newly launched fashion and lifestyle brand based in Los Angeles looking to reinvent the standards and aesthetics of men’s loungewear. Dropping the predictable cotton blues and grays, they introduced vibrant patterns, materials, and designs while paying homage to iconic men and mens fashion over the past decades. We began working with them early on before they had completed a single collection to build a brand that created space for their big ambitions. We continued that partnership through their first and second collection culminating in a unique and immersive web e-commerce experience.

Finding someone that understands your vision and is able to bring it to life is extremely difficult. The entire Tiny Giants team has been a pleasure to work with and we look forward to working on future projects. You all have exceeded our expectations every time. Thank you!
Daryl Wheeler / Founder & Owner / Richmen
Finest Loungewear for Every Man
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