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St Barbara is an Australian based, ASX-listed gold producer and explorer with assets which include the Leonora Operations in Western Australia and the Simberi Operation in Papua New Guinea. We were commissioned to create a series of 3D animated safety training videos for their Simberi operation. This required us to fly to Papua New Guinea to photograph and film the mine and have our team back in Australia create 3D renders of the environment, processes and procedures involved in mining.

This was a truly unique experience as we had to navigate rugged terrain, high temperatures and extreme humidity while avoiding the dreaded malaria virus inflicted by unassuming mosquitos. A week in this environment gave us a great appreciation and respect for miners, and the outcome was amazing. We thoroughly enjoyed working on this project and creating a powerful tool to help keep the St Barbara workers safe.
Diana Martinovici / BDM / Tiny Giants Co
Mining for Gold
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