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St Humain

Shooting a Music Video

Video Production, Editing & Post Production

Emerging artist, St Humain recorded a stripped-down version of his new single “Make a Move”. He approached us to create a music video that reflected the artistic vision, a straightforward, honest visual accompaniment to this brilliant new track. As creatives, we’re passionate about empowering other creatives to truly reach their potential in their spheres, so we jumped at the opportunity to do just that with St Humain.

It was a pleasure to work with Tiny Giants Co on my performance video for the Stripped version of my debut single “Make a Move”. The team helped me achieve my artistic vision, turning the ideas in my head into real-life visuals. As someone who is very hands-on with my work it was great to work alongside the directors, producers and editors all throughout the process – and aside from the video work, Diana, Jared and Megan are fantastic persons to be around as well!
- st humain
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