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Tiny Giants Co

Taking ownership of our brand

Comprehensive Branding System, Corporate Identity, Web Development & Design, Marketing & Strategy

I-Media Productions was a successful business with one major problem: the brand was no longer big enough for the vision and mission of the company. After 11 years of growth, our international expansions had opened us up to new markets and new opportunities. We wanted to make sure our name and brand truly represented the potential within each of us, and the huge scale of projects we can conquer as a team. For those reasons, we worked incredibly hard over a few months and came to the decision that a complete rebrand was the right move for the company. We believed circumstances posed us on the edge of incredible new things and it was a “now or never” situation, but it was also a result of us refocusing on what matters most to us as a company and as individuals. The brand needed to be as creative and fun as it was deep and representative of the company’s DNA. And thus, Tiny Giants Co was birthed.

Modern branding is and should be both fluid and dynamic. Our branding identity therefore is not a mandatory set of design laws but rather a toy box of elements which can be configured and reconfigured in fun and creative ways, to serve a purpose at any given point in time. Alongside the sleek, minimal logo, subtle palette, and clean typography, we developed a visual alphabet of symbols and icons which reinforce the ideals and values we hold as a company. Used individually and as a pattern, we’re able to create a symbolic correspondence with our clients and connect with them on a more visceral level. The Tiny Giants Co. toolbox is filled with the personality and passions of this company and its founders.
- ryan burns / CREATIVE director
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