Staycation in Arizona

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In the United States, within the Northern Phoenix region of Arizona, VASEO is a premier living community that is redefining long-lasting, luxury living. The apartment complex is focused on bringing the ‘staycation’ idea to life, allowing for a community that brings all the amenities and comfort of a resort, home. With this lavish idea in mind, they needed a brand that would communicate the same amount of luxury and elevated living that they were promoting to the community around. As part of a massive renovation project happening on their property, their team reached out to our Tiny Giants to help develop a brand that could exude all the major changes in their offering coming soon to their community. Building this brand forced us to reflect on the sights, smells, and emotions that are brought about when vacationing on a resort in order to fully capture their vision for luxurious living in Arizona.

The (Tiny Giants Co) staff is always calm, analytical and a pleasure to work with. We could not be happier with our experience and we are so proud of the websites, collateral pieces, and design assets we now have for our properties!
Jessica Spinks Thieriot / Director of Marketing Programs / Klein Financial
Staycation in Arizona
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