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Celebrating 15 Years of Tiny Giants

Celebrating 15 Years of Tiny Giants
Jared Chapman

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This month we celebrate our 15th year as a business, which is an exciting milestone. Typically, I thought if you survived 7 years of anything it means that you are seasoned in that discipline and not much would be of surprise however, the past 3 years for us has proven that theory void in both the toughest and best ways.

Tiny Giants has found a new normal as we come through a global pandemic, and it feels stronger than any other time in our history. Expertise, team spirit and connection are all fundamental in our culture and we're blessed to have a diverse global team that shares the same heartbeat and vision.  

When I look back over these 15 years, there have been many defining moments. We’ve expanded across the world, we’ve worked with innovative and inspiring brands, and have made many meaningful connections along the way. For us, relationships are paramount and define where we’ve come from and where we are going. And the truth is that we wouldn’t be where we are today without them.

As we move ahead into our next 15+ years, Tiny Giants is committed to growing together and expanding into new territory. I have learned that forging new paths requires courage, and a measure of faith. And now more than ever before, we are committed to being adventurers who step out into the unknown spaces; focusing on what can be done, rather than the limitations. We want to stand tall in an unstable world and have confidence in the fact that while we may be tiny in numbers, we can still be giants in influence. I feel the need for us to embrace the awe and simplicity of a child, combined with the maturity of a veteran so that nothing we do becomes stale and ensures we never take what we have for granted.

It’s no coincidence that we’re celebrating thanksgiving along with this milestone. We’re both mindful of and grateful for everyone we have worked with over the years (you). Our team and our clients are a constant reminder to us that we are a people company, not merely a brand or a business. On behalf of our family giants, I want to thank you for supporting us in reaching 15 years of Tiny Giants and Happy Thanksgiving!

Jared Chapman

Founder & CEO

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