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3 Months of Reinvention

3 Months of Reinvention
Jared Chapman
Founder & CEO

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It’s not common for me to take extended breaks these days. 17 years ago when I first started the business I would work ridiculous hours, rarely sleep & then take 6-8 weeks off once a year, all at once. It was a bachelors’ life that worked well for a while but life shared is life enjoyed and as the years went on & our team grew, that style of living just wasn’t going to cut it long term. Enter 2023 and I sensed a keen need to personally slow down and focus on reimagining the future, a sabbatical if you will.

With the support of Diana & the Tiny Giants family, I was able to step aside from my role & work for 3 months to refresh. No I didn’t binge watch TV shows or lay on a beach sipping margaritas, instead I focussed intently on things that brought health to my Spirit, Soul & Body. I raised sails & got qualified as a skipper to pursue a solo cross ocean charter I’m planning in the next 18 months. I cleaned up my diet & made some major gains in my fitness as I head towards the big four, zero in 2025.

As an idealistic dreamer I mentally pursued all the possibilities I had imagined in my early 20s & then challenged myself to dream bigger, expel fears & check motives. The result was renewed optimism, bigger faith, a desire to help others more & simply an injection of fuel in the tank. It was like a focussed boot camp for the future with the outworking & results to come over the coming months & years. I was reminded that we are a product of the habits we keep so it’s of little benefit to do good things for 3 months and return to old patterns, instead the healthy habits established must be kept going to see the fullness of the reinvention potential.

More than ever I’m committed to providing opportunities for people to realise their potential. Be it our team at Tiny Giants or the amazing clients we get to partner with, life shared is life enjoyed and I want to make sure that in all the hard work we’ll do in this reinvention, will truly be life enjoyed!

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