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Business in 2020

It feels like only a year or two ago individuals & companies were dreaming about their grand 2020 visions & plans. Now we are just seven months out from another landmark date & I wonder if everything you’ve hoped for along the way has come to fruition?

2020 visions were always about what things would look like, the way they would work & being ready for the future. Like most over the last decade we have been working hard to be ready come 2020 with the skills & track record needed to create the opportunities our clients are looking for.

Marketing has evolved, social is now central with AI & data profiles matching making unique journeys that are meant to feel more personal (and local) than ever while at the same time global themes & messages have never been more prominent with exposure to new ideas & markets making us all feel like global citizens to some extent. This extreme of small & big (Tiny & Giant) can be confusing for some and liberating to others but I believe it’s those whose view is holist will create & cease all the exciting opportunities in the coming decade.

Jared Chapman
Founder & CEO

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