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Producing Content with Purpose

I love the pressure of being on set: lighting, hair, makeup, choosing the perfect lens for the frame & making sure the talent is in the right state of mind for a stellar performance. There are allot of things that need to go right & can easily go wrong, which is why I have a checklist of non-negotiables.

1. Have the right team (that truly gets it)

As a producer I’m as reliant on my team as they are on me, so I choose to work with a production crew that have proven themselves trustworthy & reliable. Some productions are large, some small, but no matter the size of the team, choosing key members that are problem solvers and don't get frazzled by the constant, ever-changing plans & schedules of production life is critical.

2. Be organised & pay close attention to the detail.

Know your plan inside out and always have multiple back up plans. Production schedules often need to change on the fly, so being organised, flexible & adaptable will be crucial in helping you know how to best deal with the changes.

3. Communicate the main idea clearly.

From concept, treatment, pre-production, production, post to delivery, the essential message can sometimes get lost or pushed into the background. We see this all too often when we’re asked to fix someone else's work. Ideas need to be built upon at every step of the process, & two competing good ideas tend to cancel each other out. That’s why as a producer I’m pointing every creative decision back to how it supports the intended message or idea.

Diana Martinovici
Producer / BDM

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