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The Importance of Branding

As a creative agency, we often find ourselves communicating the importance of branding with new clients for the first time. Usually they either have a limited view of what branding entails or feel overwhelmed by the scope of what needs to be done. The reality of what branding is falls somewhere in the middle.

Branding, at its core, is a tight, streamlined list of guidelines and visuals that govern the way your business expresses itself.

Sometimes it can be extensively rule based, where every detail relates to the various aspects of your business. See Apple, for all of its simplicity and minimalism, has clear rules down to every pixel on every platform for how their products and software appear. Other times, it's a simple concept that can progress as the company changes and grows. Nike is a great visual example as though there are details, at the core it’s just the “swoosh”, the name, and a message of empowerment. These small pieces can be displayed in nearly any color, in any visual style - constantly changing, yet always feeling like Nike. Not every company remains at either end of this extreme spectrum, and every industry has its own needs and requirements. However, it's important to see this range in order to understand what branding can do, and where you can possibly fit in.

First and foremost, branding needs to add value to your company. A well-designed brand will act as a launching pad for new ideas. You can start by asking a few structural questions:   What are your goals and needs, who are your customers, and what markets do you have access to? This information will be vital in building the brand you want, while still staying grounded in your overall vision. But your brand also needs to be open to where you want to go, not just what you look like right now.

Good branding will introduce your company and welcome others wanting to discover more, while the creative content is how you’ll keep them engaged. This relationship between branding and content is symbiotic, but they’re still two very separate things. A good way to imagine it is to think of your company as an individual. Your brand is your reputation. Everything you say or are seen doing can add or detract from that reputation, and it provides a foundation for what people can expect from you when meeting for the first time. Creative content, like video and designs, can be imagined as the clothes you wear. When you arrive in a style that matches your reputation, people respond positively. In the same way, your excellent reputation suffers when it doesn't match to the aesthetic that makes sense for you.

This is why Tiny Giants always offer a comprehensive approach to working with our clients. We build, grow, and reimagine their brand into content that engages their customers. Everything we provide creates branding systems from the ground up to encourage creativity rather than limitation, which then helps evolve the company and its message.

If you’re interested in what this could mean for your company, we’d love to chat with you about branding, show you what steps to take for your existing brand, and how it will transform your company. Branding plays an essential role in planning your next 5-10 years and we’d love to be a part of that journey with you.

Ryan Burns
Creative Director

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