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We’ve all learned to communicate through words, using phrases and sentences.  It’s how we get our main message across with ease.  But there’s another form of communication that can be equally as effective – visual communication.  And as a creative agency Tiny Giants is fluent, using the language of pictures, sequence, and scenes.  

Within the medium of video lies the ability to create new connections, and blend elements together that don’t normally belong.  Creativity is about combining different aspects, inspiring people to see from a different perspective and forging new ways for our minds to think.  When it comes to communicating creatively, there’s a balance that exists on a spectrum of abstract and concrete. The strength of your messaging lies within a unique balance on that spectrum.

On one end of the spectrum, we have the fanciful, the imaginative, the hypothetical - abstract. We combine horses with cars, stories with products, nature with an emotional state.  Creativity and the abstract often seem to be seen hand in hand.  However, the risk involved with going too far in abstract storytelling is losing the message, confusing the audience and becoming a little self-indulgent. 

On the other end, we have the concrete – the specific, the definite, the seemingly clear way to portray a message.  Mention a product and we see the product, introduce a company and show their headquarters.  While this can make the most logical sense, sometimes showing the obvious doesn’t help the viewer to imagine the bigger picture or even a greater idea.  Going too far with concrete storytelling runs the risk of feeling contrived and cliché.  

So, what works best?

Each different project requires a unique balance on the spectrum – for example a 3D animation featuring a new medical product would require a more concrete approach, showing the audience exactly what the product is; whereas a film featuring the vision and culture of a company would encourage more of an abstract approach, enabling more emotive and persuasive visuals, crafting a world of possibilities.

Visual storytelling has enormous power – the feelings, emotions and information consciously, and often unconsciously, associated with what we see has a lasting effect.  When that’s teamed with a product, service or brand it creates endless possibilities.  Tiny Giants understand these possibilities and are dedicated to finding the perfect balance of visual storytelling for you to develop a language to say what you want to say with a voice that will be heard. 

Jan Wittmann
Creative Director

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