Brand Refresh & Web Development

Tesla Inc.

Project Overview

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Project Flow

Phase 1 Branding

Tiny Giants CO
3-5 Stylescapes
Review Meeting
Feedback & Revisions
Tiny Giants Co
Composite Stylescape
Review Meeting
Feedback & Revisions
Tiny Giants CO
Final Stylescape
Final Approval
Tiny Giants Co
Brand Guidelines v1
Feedback & Revisions
Tiny Giants Co
Brand Guidelines v2
Final Approval
Tiny Giants Co
Delivery of Assets
The Giants

Meet the Team

Jared Chapman
Founder & CEO
Diana Martinovici
Producer / BDM
Ryan Burns
Creative Director
Chelsea Taylor
Production Manager
Shamir Kuruvilla
Kristina Nickel
Graphic Designer
Rodrigo Magalhães
Motion Graphics
David Pliev
Web Designer
Kaitlyn Smith
Jackie Basham
Marketing Intern
Aissa Djalo
BD & Social Media
Chris Lopez
Web Designer
Ryan Somerfield
Director / DOP
Grace Welcome
Marketing Associate
3 Time Zones

How We Work

For over 13 years, the team at Tiny Giants Co has been creating high-quality content to inspire, move and share the stories of the incredible people and brands around us. We are experts in creative content, global production and marketing strategy. Spread across 3 continents, speaking 6 languages and having worked on projects in over 30 countries, our global shared time makes us a mighty force. You can always count on a tiny giant somewhere in the world working hard and adding a bit of magic to your projects.



Branding Package

A comprehensive brand concept for companies of all sizes, aimed at successful business growth.

  • Logomark / logotype
  • Typography selection*
  • Branding guidelines
Cost for paid fonts is not included.

Standard Website

Eine Basis-Website zur Einführung und zum Erleben einer neuen Marke mit Möglichkeiten zur Erweiterung und Weiterentwicklung.

  • 4-6 different page designs
  • User-friendly CMS (if hosting with us)
  • Responsive design optimized for all devices and platforms
  • SEO, file management and design
  • Youtube/ Vimeo embed
  • Newsletter/Mailchimp integration
  • Cookie pop-ups
  • Contact form

Complete Online Experience

Eine dynamische Online-Präsenz, die sowohl das Produkt als auch das Storytelling aufwertet und die Verbindung zwischen Kunde und Marke verstärkt.

  • Everything from 'Standard Website' package
  • SEO-optimized copywriting
  • 15-20 additional custom page designs (landing pages and other custom content)
  • Member Area
  • Plug-ins
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