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Building the reputation you want

As most modern businesses already know, a brand is so much more than just a logo or a color palette. Your brand is how customers think about you when you’re not around, the feelings they associate with your company, and ultimately, whether or not they feel personally connected to your story.

When we develop a brand identity, whether for a new company just starting out or a legacy business with decades of experience, we start at the beginning, getting to know you as a company. Then we figure out together what you want your customers to think about your company. That foundation helps us guide you towards an identity that is authentic and personal, and has substance rather than just surface flash. As we build upon that foundation with imagery, color, typography and iconography, we are constantly going back to your core values and asking ‘Is this honest?', so that we never lose track of what’s important.

We want to work with you to develop a powerful identity that speaks to who you are as a business. Layering stories, values and emotion into creative elements that live and breathe throughout every point of contact with your customers and clients.

Branding Agency

Vision, values, voice

The ultimate goal of us as a design and branding agency is to develop a brand that feels unique to you, captures your values and vision, and most importantly is something that you are passionate and excited about. When you can’t wait to pull out your business cards and show off your website, that’s a sign that we’ve done our job well. Being passionate about what you’re doing is so important as a business, and we want that same level of excitement to be felt through your brand and in every interaction you have with your customers and clients. We’re confident that excitement will be contagious.

Corporate Identity

Beyond visual elements, understanding how to communicate your business is essential. We help you develop messaging, tone of voice, and consistency in communication.

Brand Refresh & Rebranding

Develop a strategic update that keeps you at the forefront of your industry, attracting new customers, without alienating your current audience or losing track of who you are.

Logo Design

A strong logomark can become something truly iconic. We take what makes you unique and distill it down to a simple, strikingly designed image combined with layers of meaning.

Brand Audit

Sometimes you know you need change, but aren’t sure where to start. Our experienced team will breakdown how to build on your strengths, and remove any weaknesses.

Brand Exploration

As a branding agency, we help you discover new angles or interpretations of your brand and company identity. During the concept phase we will closely examine your brand and value proposition, allowing new ideas to arise.

Brand Guidelines

Every company needs a clear decisive document that will guide content creation to make sure that it is visually consistent, prioritizing the same key ideas. As a branding agency, we ensure your brand is communicated with clarity and precision to staff and any relevant third parties or stakeholders.

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