Video Production Services

Where storytelling is king

There’s nothing quite as captivating as telling a story through video. Whether you’re sharing the values that drive your brand or looking to build excitement around your newest product or offering, video is the gold standard for making an impact.

Our highly skilled team, with over a decade of experience across multiple industries all over the world, will help you seamlessly communicate complex ideas through this powerful and emotive medium. Starting with a definitive message and goal, we’ll help you develop a fully realized concept and provide storyboards and scripts to drive that message home. Whether we’re shooting on location or in a studio, our in-house production team handle the complex process of pre-production, hiring talent, and managing the entire process for you.

Cinematically captured, our video experts from all over the globe will edit, grade, and score each production, working collaboratively across all our locations to deliver on deadlines most production companies can’t match. We will deliver a final product with motion graphics and the latest visual effects to connect with your audience on the big screen, their mobile device, and every platform in between. Let us create your own bit of ‘movie magic’ and bring your ideas to life.

Video Production Services

Tell your story, tell it well

At the end of the day, great video content is all about telling a compelling story, and the best stories are confident in their voice, identity, and tone. As an agency we understand how important it is to have a clear idea of who you are, and our goal is to help you discover that for yourself, and then share it with the world in a compelling way. Regardless of the size, scope, and ambition of the production, Tiny Giants Co is built to make the most of every budget with a commitment to delivering quality across every platform.


Whatever you want to capture, we make sure we’re prepared and equipped to deliver high quality crisp footage for any scale project or idea, plus a little extra ‘magic’ to make it pop.

Editing & Post-Production

Take footage to the next level with seasoned editors that can create any mood, emotion, or rhythm in any sequence so you can express exactly what you what, when you want.

Live Event Videos & Documentation

Things sometimes only happen once, like in-person or online live events. Our dedicated camera operators and directors have the experience to make sure nothing from your event is missed, and the authentic experience lasts forever through a well-produced documentation.

Corporate Video Production

Let your audience connect not only with your product, or service, but also with your philosophy and corporate culture on a more personal level. Share unique company experiences, interviews, case studies, or testimonials through engaging and authentic videos.

Commercial & Promotional Videos

Whether you need a creative idea that delivers on drama or comedy, or simply a high-end polished professional ad, we can accommodate any approach and execute with ease.

Training & Educational Videos

Deliver any level of curriculum or training in a clear and direct manner ensuring that information is retained but also easily revisited and shared for a more seamless learning environment.

Aerial & Drone Shots

Licensed pilots can deliver you mind blowing photography and videos from the most unexpected angles and have your audience completely immersed as they fly over, under, and through new experiences in stunning quality.

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