Our Giants

A band of misfits and legends

Our team's backgrounds are as varied as their expertise, meaning that we always have the right person for the job. You can count on one of our giants somewhere in the world to be working hard and adding their special touch of magic to your projects. Explorers, visionaries and pioneers, we love to tackle challenges, get inventive and celebrate the wins together.

"I'm batman."
Jared Chapman
Founder & CEO
Travel, drums, and strategy
Diana Martinovici
Carbs, interior design, and relationships
Ryan Burns
Creative Director
Star Wars, whiskey, and branding
Chelsea Taylor
Production Manager
Theatre, wine, and checklists
Kristina Lambert
Art Director
Cultures, coffee, and creative concepts
Rodrigo Magalhães
Motion Graphics
Family, dancing, and 2D animation
David Pliev
Web Developer
Music, fragrances, and new languages
Chris Lopez
Web Designer
Adrenaline, BBQ, and interactions
Ryan Somerfield
Director / DOP
Paragliding, technology, and smooth operations
James Lang
AV Systems Engineer
Bonfires, brunch, and broadcasts
Eli Escoto
Operations Manager
Jiu-Jitsu, fatherhood, and support
Anton Klein
Marketing Associate
Comedy, pasta, and people
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Come join our happy team

Sorry, there’s no openings right now. However we’re always looking to expand our freelance and contract network so feel free to reach out with your portfolio and introduce yourself. Check back regularly for new opportunities and postings.