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5 Reasons & Risks for Animation Services in Marketing

5 Reasons & Risks for Animation Services in Marketing
Rodrigo Magalhães
Motion Graphics

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Impressive motion, dynamic designs, and captivating effects are among the few things most likely to grab consumers' attention in the information overload of today.

TikTok is the best example of how to leverage GenZ's visual mindset to grab their focus and increase engagement time, which is why TikTok is the current social media platform with the highest engagement time rates.  

Animations and motion graphics are invaluable marketing tools for creating this type of content. 2D and 3D animations help companies simplify products, services or ideas. 3D animations in particular, enable 360° presentations of products to customers. Animated explainer videos help unravel complicated ideas and processes, and motion graphics help elevate video content and convey key text-based messaging, bringing to life a range of copy.  

In this article, we've compiled the top 5 reasons why your business should incorporate animation services into its marketing strategy and what pitfalls to avoid. 

[#section1]Why Your Marketing Needs Animation Services[#section1] 

1. Can’t be overlooked:  

In this time and age customer attention is an invaluable currency to businesses. In comparison to static images or text-only, animations and motion graphics catch customers’ attention more effectively since it not only catches the eye, but also holds it for longer. Different movements, sounds and colors feed into desired emotional responses and custom illustrations ensure an effective messaging to the target audience.  

2. Brings your brand to life:  

Animations and motion graphics support brand consistency across various touchpoints, enhancing brand recognition and loyalty. Here it’s important that illustrations are custom made and that the brand identity, goals, and tone of voice are embedded. For example, an animated character design where a branded figure welcomes your audience at every touchpoint differentiates you from most - if not all - competitors.  

Character Design for IT-Service Provider | Animation and Web Design Project

3. Engagement winner:  

If it’s an animated explainer video or predominantly information transfer through animation and motion graphics, customer engagement can be leveraged. Engaging and interactive content, such as quizzes or learning videos, can encourage the audience to interact and take action to follow through.  

4. Leverage visual memory:

Since animations and motion graphics are used to convey informational content, businesses win double because people are more likely to remember content that is visually stimulating and worth memorizing. The latter emphasizes the fact that animation services and motion graphics must be executed in the highest quality to exploit these advantages. Especially when the target group are GenZs who have a Visual First Mindset.

5. Efficiency gains:

Initial investment into animation services and motion graphics may be discouraging to businesses, especially small businesses, and entrepreneurs. However, once created, animated content can be used across various advertising touchpoints, including social media, websites, and video content. This versatility allows for consistent but unique messaging across multiple channels.

[#section2]Be Aware: 6 Pitfalls in Animation Services[#section2] 

1. Achieving the direct opposite:

Don’t forget that the main function of animation services and motion graphics is to simplify information. So even though your animated content might be visually stunning, it’s not effective when the message is unclear and hard to understand. You don’t want to increase confusion and thus we recommend always leading with the goal in mind – like generally in life and as you know – less is more!  

2. No additional value:

Maybe worse than overcomplicating, it’s burned investment when the animations and motion graphics used cannibalize other content for attention. If the animated content doesn’t match the message, theme, or tone of the ad, it will work against the ad and thus reduce its effectiveness. So here you should assess the feeling of the ad and decide if the animations create suitable emotional responses.

3. The wrong pace:  

Animated content also works against you when it causes the ad to be less smooth and engaging. The right timing gives the motions and animations the mood and determines the emotional response. Poor timing or pacing makes the viewer perceive the ad as disjointed or rushed thus also reducing its effectiveness.

4. Visual overload:  

You know what’s coming now: Less is more! Your motion graphic designer might have the most impressive and wildest ideas but it’s essential to avoid cluttering the ad with too many visual effects or elements – of any kind. Here, balance and white space is key to keep the viewer engaged and the information portrayed simple and digestible.  

5. Not inclusive animations:  

As with web accessibility, it is also important to ensure that animations and motion graphics are accessible to everyone within your target audience, including those with disabilities. So, make sure your motion graphics designer uses subtitles, audio descriptions, and other accessibility features to include everyone. Besides that, subtitles are always recommended, especially on social media platforms, so your audience can watch your content on mute if necessary.

6. Brand inconsistency:  

Lastly, your animated content is there to serve your overall branding, not the other way round. Hence, it’s important to ensure that animations and motion graphics align with your core brand's messaging and tone. Off-brand messaging only confuses and reduces the effectiveness of your ads.

[#section3]Your Experts in Animation Services[#section3]

In the end, animation services are another way for you to distinguish yourself from the competition and create special customer experiences. If we convinced you that animation services or motion graphics help you boost your brand identity and message or would help you reach your goals faster – but unsure where to start or lack the right resources.  

Call us. With over 15 years of experience our motion graphics designers will produce animated content and motion graphics that only illustrate your story and serve your brand.

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