Animation & Motion Graphics

Bring your brand to life

Whether you need help translating a complex idea or just want to inject life and fun into your content, animation is a great way to do that. Every animation is created from custom illustrations drawn just for you so your content won't feel like anyone else's. Incorporating elements of animation offers a great way to bring personality and a little bit of ‘magic’ to your brand.

Now, animating your content may seem to be no easy feat, but to our Tiny Giants, this is our bread and butter. Equipped with years of industry knowledge and experience, our team can take your ideas and bring them to life. You and your brand are at the core of our creative process. With this in mind, our animation experts consider your goals, identity, and tone of voice in order to create content that helps accelerate your brand forward. Whether its 3D animation design or drafting storyboards, Tiny Giants are here to guide you through this process every step of the way.  

How about seeing your brand’s character do a hop, skip, and a jump? We can do that with our eyes closed. While we don’t wield any magic wands to help us produce our animations, we promise to give you something that is awe-inspiring. 

motion Graphic Services

Moving vectors, moving stories

Here at Tiny Giants Co, our primary focus is to help you get from point A to point B. Whether that path is something resembling the yellow brick road, riddled with twists and turns or a straightforward path, we will be there to assist you on your journey. If animation is something you believe would help boost your brand identity and message or would help you reach your goals faster, then you have come to the right place. With over 10 years of experience and boundless industry knowledge, our team will work tirelessly to produce animated content that beautifully illustrates your story.

2D Animation

Creativity is endless in 2D animation. Any style, any place, and any complex idea can be wonderfully brought to life through immersive movement.

3D Modeling & Animation

By modeling objects after realistic movement, incorporating light, textures, and shadows, 3D offers new depth to planning out a space, or easy to understand training videos.

Motion Graphics

Let’s be real. Reading text and analyzing data isn’t always the most exciting pastime. Insert us. Our motion graphics team serves to animate text and other graphics to turn mundane information into the main event.

Animated Explainer Videos

Explaining a process or idea is an easy place to lose your audience. We captivate valuable information in magical animations to ensure effective communication with your audience.

Character Design

A great way to stick out from the rest of the field is to design and develop a character unique to your brand. Building from the bottom up, our team can personify a mascot to match the identity and tone of your brand.


Our favorite part of the creative process is being able to help you tell your story. Through storyboarding, we work directly with you to flesh out and establish your idea and message to make production a breeze.

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Animation can move mountains. Literally.