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Grow Beyond Your Expectations (Creatively)

Grow Beyond Your Expectations (Creatively)
Jared Chapman
Founder & CEO

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It’s one thing to grow; plants grow, children grow, nations grow, even virus case numbers grow, however, to grow with healthy purpose, and sustainability, to grow in a way that truly benefits people should be the desire of any leader. With all our technology and advanced systems designed to make life easier, we’ve somehow only managed to make the world more complicated. Increased complexity will be the characteristic of a society obsessed with individuality and self-interest. The desire for growth, however, is a common thread among individuals and businesses.

At Tiny Giants, 2021 is a growth season internationally. Over the years we’ve been through seasons of pruning & refining but that has served us well in determining exactly how we want to grow, by engraining creative strategy. We’ve added lots of new faces to the team and still have more to come. We’ve implemented new services as we head closer to our vision of a full-service creative agency where clients can see us as not only service providers but growth partners.

Healthy Growth is Creative Growth, it solves problems rather than merely assuming bigger is better. Bigger certainly can be better but bigger problems for instance wouldn’t typically be thought as ‘better’. In a complex world, creativity helps cut through growth challenges and distil complexity into bite sized simplicity. For us, that’s developing creative systems and workflows, creating creative brands & websites as well as writing creative scripts and copy. The idea of something new will be appealing if it genuinely solves a problem. As humans, I’m sure you agree, we are pretty good at identifying problems. We are constantly looking to government, science, & technology to solve problems but when we engage creative thinking it’s amazing what we can achieve. 

At the start of 2020 the world wasn’t aware of how much work could be done from home and now the hybrid model is well established as the future of work. We didn’t think that production could be done effectively in a remote environment but it’s happening more and more. Directing from other cities or countries is now completely possible and somewhat normal. Fully remote workforces, not too dissimilar to ours, are scaling rapidly around the globe and reorganising in ways unimaginable to the masses years ago, yet mental health, loneliness and other challenges are growing as the shared human experience becomes less and less shared and more and more individual. 

The creative growth challenge for us and those we work with, is to make sure we grow towards a more shared human experience because that’s what will truly benefit the world.

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