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Keeping Up with Social

As the pilot of marketing for your company, navigating the course towards the greater good of the brand, it can sometimes feel like most of your time and focus is spent on small assignments. Projects, deadlines, even campaigns all inundate your day to day and hinder the view of your brand’s destination. Social is no exception. 

Social is one phase of marketing that is crucial for the brand. Social platforms have evolved and become more complex, making it possible to get caught up in the tasks of content, messaging, and schedules, only to have the desired performance of the post fall short of your expectations and the effort applied. But there is a way to effectively use your social tools to maximise your brand without losing the narrative in the campaign. 

Think of social media like a free airline, carrying your message around the world; a powerful tool if used properly. However, the danger comes from viewing all social as the same tool. It’s all too easy to write messages that don’t pair with the platform they’re posted on. It’s an understandable outcome when driven by efficiency & problem solving, since it seems to make logical sense to post the same content across multiple platforms. However, if this habit becomes the norm, it can lead to audience disengagement.  

A solid social strategy will focus and speak to the identity of each individual platform. For example, Instagram, though it has various operating functions, is primarily a visual platform. While Facebook, forgetting about privacy concerns, is focused on connecting people on a more personal level. Every social platform, whether LinkedIn, Youtube, or Google Business, have their own distinct identity to play to. 

Social is a loud megaphone where followers discover and connect with the voice of your brand. Finding the voice that resonates across all platforms with your followers is paramount. Like in any good relationship, communication is key. 

Rodolfo Saravia
BDM / Marketing

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