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What Makes Good Corporate Video Production Great: 3 Keys

What Makes Good Corporate Video Production Great: 3 Keys
Diana Martinovici

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I love the pressure of being on set: lighting, hair, makeup, choosing the perfect lens for the frame & making sure the talent is in the right state of mind for a stellar performance. There are allot of things that need to go right & can easily go wrong, which is why I have a checklist of non-negotiables.

[#section1] What Is Corporate Video Production? [#section1]

For us, video production is the most emotive and powerful medium to express abstract and complex messages seamlessly. In a corporate context, these messages can range from corporate culture messages to product promotions to employee training videos, but always with the same goal in mind - to tell a compelling story.

The corporate video production process includes pre-production, the actual video production, post-production with video editing, and finally content distribution in various formats across different platforms. Corporate videos can be transformed into social media ads, short films, or documentaries and become even more engaging through animations such as motion graphics.

Typical use cases for businesses are:  

Corporate & Image Films:

Corporate videos and image films help businesses to showcase their philosophy and corporate culture beyond their products and services. Common sub-formats are interviews, case studies, or testimonials.

Image Film - This Is Me Campaign- Herbert Smith Freehills

Educational & Training Videos:

Whit this type of corporate video businesses can deliver trainings or curriculums in a clear and direct manner. Effectiveness is achieved when information is easily captured but also replicable.

Animated Training Video - St.Barbara Gold

Live Events & Documentaries:

Live streaming has become an integral and very effective instrument in corporate video production. Customers have the possibility to engage with the company in real-time, get actively involved and if more convenient, join live events from anywhere.

Successful corporate video production is given when relevant angles from the live event are captured (hint: multi-camera setup), and when well-produced documentation and audio-visual experience manage to convey the experience authentically.

Live Event Video Production - Hillsong

Promotional Videos & Commercials:

This type of corporate video production marks the beginning and original purpose of why companies engaged in video production. Persuade and sell. Those were the old days. Today, promotional videos and commercials have only one purpose: to connect with their target audience.

Whether companies use drama or comedy, a simple commercial or a high-quality professional commercial, successful corporate video production is when the target audience is understood.

Promotional Video - Caulipower

[#section2] 3 Keys to Great Corporate Video Production[#section2]

1. Have the right team (that truly gets it)

As a producer I’m as reliant on my team as they are on me, so I choose to work with a production crew that have proven themselves trustworthy & reliable. Some productions are large, some small, but no matter the size of the team, choosing key members that are problem solvers and don't get frazzled by the constant, ever-changing plans & schedules of production life is critical.

Professional corporate video production typically involves a team of experts, including videographers, scriptwriters, producers, editors, and sound engineers. The goal is to produce high-quality videos that effectively communicate a company's message and achieve its desired outcomes.

If not - the key member in our production team. Our dearest Chelsea.

2. Be organized & pay close attention to the detail.

Know your plan inside out and always have multiple back up plans. Production schedules often need to change on the fly, so being organized, flexible & adaptable will be crucial in helping you know how to best deal with the changes. A bulletproof pre-production plan can already save you from headaches and stress.

3. Communicate the main idea clearly.

From concept, treatment, pre-production, production, post to delivery, the essential message can sometimes get lost or pushed into the background. We see this all too often when we’re asked to fix someone else's work. Ideas need to be built upon at every step of the process, & two competing good ideas tend to cancel each other out. That’s why as a producer I’m pointing every creative decision back to how it supports the intended message or idea.

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